A breathtaking view from the top of Neitvuori.


For further details and a map orders please contact to Hiidenmaan Retket ry secretary Elina Helttunen,
telephone +358 50 592 7083 or by e-mail elina.helttunen




İHiidenmaan Retket ry




Hiidenmaan Retket ry
provides routes of different length for hiking, snowshoe wandering and skiing.

The magnificient guardian and symbol of the Hiidenmaa Routes is Hiidenvuori mountain, which today is called Neitvuori (110 m above the level of the lake Saimaa). From the top of Neitvuori you will have a breathtaking view of the Luonteri Archipelago.

The forest paths are surrounded by rigged hills, quiet, clear ponds and foamy straits. These routes give you the opportunity to visit idyllic villages, try your luck in fishing and have a good night's rest at bed and breakfast farms.

Welcome to the hiking routes that take you to the roots of Forest Finns!

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